The Hound of the Wolf

For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Friday, December 22, 2006

Random thoughts ...

Today marks the second day of a two-week break from work. This is an understatement considering that the work I am pertaining is office work. Still, due to consistent procrastisnation and constant late night sleeps, this poor blooger has to spend the holidays meeting all loose ends and finishing unsettled stuffs. I have been personally wishing that these instances happen sooner than later. The spirit of the season is not really getting into my system now. Keeping one's self busy of non-christmas tasks is one way of getting away with the usual holiday hype. Kill joy, sourgraping, or being left behind? None of the choices i guess. It is more of taking advantage the longest break one could ever have in a year.

2006 has offered both good and bad experiences. To those whom I have closely interacted with since May 2006, you definitely know what lonely and morale busting experience the family ever had. The feeling of losing a loved one lingers more on Christmas than any other holiday.

Call it destiny, divine intervention or self-imposed assertiveness (aka "making things happen"), this year introduced me to a lot of beautiful and wonderful situations and people. Such situations and people have restored my faith that life has still a lot of good things to offer. I will not go to further details as it will be posted on my personal year ender very soon. To the people who made this year trully worthwhile and made the succeeding years something to look forward , you surely know who you are. This blogger just hoped that he has personally acknowledged and thank the things you have done.

Now, it is time to go back to work ...