The Hound of the Wolf

For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Looking back, looking forward

A year after my last pilgrimage to my blog, I am here again. It's the start of 2013's last quarter and the past 1 year have brought me new highs as well as lows. Nothing is lost, all gain because of the learnings. For the past 1 year, these are the following highlights:

1. What was supposed to be a brief stay in Tarlac was extended to a 4 years. Got the opportunity to work on a final contract for RTI Qualcomm project until the end of October

2. Managed to go to various provinces again after a 3 year hiatus. Thanks to the partnership with ZFF. Ipil in Zamboanga Sibugay, Dao in Capiz, Libon in Albay, Don Salvador in Negros Occidental, The Whole Maguindanao, Cotabato City, Sultan Kudarat, Davao City, South Cotabato, GenSan and Zamboanga City.

3. Finally, spent some time with my wife Shielo and daughter, Yza for "us only" trips. In February, it was Yza's first visit to Manila as we spent time in Intramuros, Rizal Park, Manila Ocean Park. In July, we went to Baguio, Vigan and some areas in Ilocos Norte. We even saw the preserved remains  of the late Pres. Marcos. We are planning to go somewhere south by December.

4. Reinstated for my UPOU masters degree. MRR status nowadays. Survive or die come April 2014. Accepted to a free online HL7 training course.

5. Increased mentoring and teaching related tasks at work. Looking forward to moving on to the next RTI project.

6. Working on a big e-Education project until 2014. Has an upcoming overseas trips in Singapore and hopefully, Tokyo before the year ends.

As I am traversing through this busy life, I will have to remind myself that all activities should and always be leading towards my short and long term goals. My goals are much more simplified:

1. Be the best husband, father and child that I can be
2. Be the most ultimate and consummate professional
3. Be a sponge and learn as much as I could. Give back to others.

Simple goals. Rudimentary yet only essential steps to undertake. Life simplified.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

60 on 2012

Today, October 3, 2012 marks the 60th birthday of father, Arnaldo Perez Sr and thus shall be entering senior citizen status. If he is alive today, it could have been a not so grandiose yet somehow decent celebration. Fate has taken him away from us in 2006. Six years have passed yet the 24 years of being with my father is a memory that will stay in my lifetime. I must say that I have not been a good child most of the time and was not able to ask for forgiveness for all the things I have done before that tragic Saturday morning in the month of May 2006.

To celebrate the life of a dear departed loved ones, I could only think of two ways: 1). Never kill the memory no matter how good or bad it is. 2). Live your life with the beautiful values that had been imparted.
Memories ...

Our childhood is not an extraordinary one. Just a small family of 4 (before my youngest brother was born in 1992), where kids go to school, say their prayers at night, both parents providing for the family, whole family going out on weekends, whole family celebrating Christmas and other relevant celebrations. A stroke attack on my father and the early retirement from work of my mother changes everything. The whole family economics was spiraling downwards.

My father despite the disability stayed to be productive by taking fully in charge of my youngest brother's schooling. So much discipline was imparted to him at a very young age that after 15 years, such habits are still very present like waking up early in the morning, constant reading and reviewing, financial practically and resiliency. Before the stroke incident strikes and we were young, our father was protective even though we are all boys. Disaster brings out the best and worst in the family but in the end. Nothing is lost and so many lessons learned.

If there is one value that I learned most from my father, it is definitely resiliency. I would always hear him saying "walang di kayang gawin" or something to that effect. And I as long as I live, it is one virtue that I am going to teach and pass to Yza and her future sibling / s.

Monday, September 24, 2012

On x number of chances

Can't really sleep as of this time moment (3AM, Tarlac City) as I have lots of thoughts running on my mind. Lately, I had a this not-so-regular self-retrospection of the things I achieved career and family-wise. Such things happened once in a while for me to prepare myself to prepare for the future (as short term as tomorrow and as long as 5 years). Yes, it appears that I am at crossroads.

Compared to 2006 (death of my father) and 2009 (major career shift), it is not that something drastic happened this year that pave way me re-thinking things again. Now is much better (career and family wise). Looking back on the blog I did in December 2007 that I should hit a million by 2012, it never happened. Also in the same period, I have envisioned myself earning my much coveted MIS degree in 2008. I never happened. In 2009, I am planning to quit in the field in health informatics, it never happened.

It's September 2013 and tons of things have changed. Majority are good I must say. Perhaps, I am at crossroads again but this time with a clear vision and map on how to achieve plans. Top three career  things I would want to achieve in the next 6 months:

1. Consolidated and improve resources
2. Start my startup
3. Finish my MIS degree

As long as one is alive there are X number of chances. But as the saying goes, "one must strike when the iron is hot".

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gangnam style hits 200M

I first heard Gangnam Style song at One FC: Pride of the Nation event in Araneta Coliseum last August 31 2012. The Korean MMA fighter nicknamed as the Stonecutter with one of his ring man and the One FC ring girls dance at the enjoyment of the crowd. When I googled it, I learned the Gangnam is a high class district in South Korea with the singer Psy appears to have a girlfriend living in it. More like a Korean version of the song 'Uptown Girl' I think.

Well, the craze just got larger as it reaches the 200M mark in terms of Youtube views. And to add, numerous versions have been appeared from various countries and nationalities. Even US presidential candidate Mitt Romney was spoofed dancing Gangnam style.

The famous 200M man (i mean video) Gangnam Style:

A sexier version which is my personal favorite: 

and a hilarious Pinoy version of Eric Tai of the Philippine Volcanoes with cameos from various Philippine celebrities

Monday, September 17, 2012

TEDxDiliman: The Future

Last September 15, CANVAS organized the second serving of TEDxDiliman with the theme, The Future. Just like the first serving last year, the event was held at the Malcolm Theater, UP College of Law. The theater was not overly crowded when the event started. It is due to the fact that only 100 registrations were approved by the organizers. Nonetheless, the line-up of speakers is impressive and the topics are diverse and worth listening for.

Brief insights and lessons learned on every speaker and topic:

1. Benjamin Dela Pena on The Future of Cities -- Cities are about the people who are living in it

2. Atty. Ted Te on The Future of Human Rights Law -- Reinvent the way how law is being taught.

3. Sen. Leticia Ramos Shahani on The Future of Philippine as Maritime Power -- In diplomacy, there is no permanent friend or foe, only permanent national interest

4. Direk Joey Reyes on The Future of Mass Media -- The introduction of social media technologies made man isolated from the real world and created a virtual world where he calls the shots.

5. Atty. Tony Oposa on The Future of Flood. It is easy to earn but money but it is hundred time difficult to make a difference.

6. Jaedmark Tordecillas on The Future of Philippine Sports. One doesn't need to have an award or trophy to be a champion (referring to Ginerbra's never say die spirit)

7. Carlos Celdran on The Future of the Past. You cannot find the vibrancy, soul and personality that Manila has elsewhere.

The audience were treated as well with live musical performance by students from the Philippine School of Arts . The kids (violinists, guitarist) were all master of handling chords. Ang bibilis ng mga daliri mag-strum. And to cap off the eventful day, the participant were treated to a sumptuous Thai food dinner.

As of this writing, TEDxManila will be conducted sometime this December 2012. But I am already looking forward for the next TEDxDiliman event next year.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Dancing DOH Asec. Tayag and PHIN

A unique way to close an opening remark and to energize the audience at the PHIN Forum last September 13, 2012. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meme and the RH Bill: A perspective from my development communication course

I am enjoying development communication a lot! It has helped me in my career in ICT4D.

Communication plays an important role in the achievement and realization of certain goals. It plays a vital influence in the spreads of ideas, behavior and style within a certain or culture or what we all know as the 'meme'. The readings of DEV 202 would tell us that communication, on its most complete context is composed of source, destination, intended goal, message, medium, interpretation of the receiver and actions resulting from the receipt of the message.

In the context of meme, each component mentioned is affected how the message is being received based on the cultural context. In the case of Reproductive Health (RH) Bill, such assertion impacts how Pinoys receive the real essence of the bill. The nation is somehow equally divided on its stand with each side having its own valid reason to support or not support the RH bill. The anti-RH groups are mostly composed of Catholic / religious organizations, influential families, some NGOs and "family-oriented" politicians. The message that the RH bill is immoral because it means killing or aborting life has a strong impact to the general public. Credible source (i.e. anti-RH bills doctors), strong message (i.e. RH bill kills), innocent public and as a result, support for the anti-RH cause (actions).

On the other side of the fence, the pro-RH bill uses the credible sources as well but packaging the RH bills as something what the country really needs. Messages are often represented with a pregnant woman with 10 children and living on a kariton, occurrence of maternal deathes, proliferation of STDs and teenage pregnancies. The argument of pro-RH bill attempts to challenge the conservative nature of Filipinos when it comes to discussions like sex and procreation. And these packaging has gained tremendous support from both the public and the politicians as well.

Meme is all over in the discussions. Senators challenging each other for debates. DOH being prosecuted for promoting family planning programs and Catholic holding its ground strongly and debating with everybody. At the end of the it is the individual who decides whether RH bill is ok or not. And messages need not to be verbal. Just look and observe in your surroundings.