The Hound of the Wolf

For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Monday, November 26, 2007

Unmet expectations, unexpected meetings

A series of unparalleled events have transpired for the past days which I have been trying to reconcile until. No connections were established but rather two major categories have been formulated to aid my neurons in rationalizing the nature of these events. These categories are:

Unmet expectations:

a. Three typhoon in one week but no work suspension in the metropolis.

b. Close scores in NBA's ultimate fantasy commissioner with high hopes of winning. At the end of the week, my two teams lose by a sum of three points.

c. A dinner treat from Pam, which didn't pushed through but ..

d. And the most nerve wracking of them all, Austin (my supernatural brother) falling to number 2 placing on their class standing after dominating the first quarter. Vendetta is the the battlecry for third quarter.

Unexpected meetings - events which occured without provoking (or paying) somebody to do it

a The Asian Open Source Master Trainers Workshop. Singapore ... I am on my way!

b. Marikina and Pasay City's expansion of CHITS. And CHITS being featured 3 times in a row for two week in As a proof ...

Please click me, I am not a spyware or an adware

c. The postponed dinner treat from Pam will push through this Thursday. I want Karate Kid.

d. The most heart warming event of them all, the last Philippine Malaria Information System end-user training. Trully, the 17 sessions have made yours truly a better facilitator who has gain enough guts to face diverse audience ranging from timid to appreciative to hostile. Tomorrow will be a special endeavor on which I am planning to give 101% energy and effort.

13 more hours to cram from finishing my training materials and I already feel sleepy, zzzzz...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fifty - fifty

Dalawang bagay na natapos ko ngayon araw na ito:

1. Iset-up ang basic libraries para sa Information Network for Asthma
2. Mag-migrate ng version 1 database sa version 2 sa Online Faculty Database.

Dalawang di ko nagawa:
1. Authenticate version 1.7 of PhilMIS project
2. Tapusin ang Online Rating System ng UPCM

50 - 50, unproductive percentage, tsk tsk...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week 1 to 4 UFC Records

Due to intermittent memory loss, I have decided to post my personal standings in the Ultimate Fantasy Commissioner of This is just to remind me that I really need to make my lineup more formidable and all-around. My teams are Team Blitzkrieg and Team Pacquiao

Week 1: Team Blitzkrieg (5) versus Transfatty Acids (4)
Team Pacquiao (1) versus Tang Dynasty (8)

Week 2: Team Blitzkrieg (6) versus One Man Erikk's Team (3)
Team Pacquaio (2) versus Team Number One (7)

Week 3: Team Blitzkrieg (4) versus Tang Dynasty (5)
Team Pacquiao (6) versus Marcin Gortat Team (3)

Key players in my Team Blitzkrieg line up are Lebron James and Allen Iverson. For Team Pacquaio, it's Dwyane Wade and Pau Gasol. These are the untouchable and untradeable names in the lineup. Nakaka-addict kahit walang pot money.