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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Remove Printer Ink from skin

Green IT paradigm says there should be no printing of documents at all. Yet, at some point, people at ought to print something whether it is an email, a sample diagram or a full e-book. Another setback of not following the green IT paradigm is when printer ink spread throughout the hands and a simple to hard wiping out won't remove it at all.

I am listing some items that will be trying out in order to remove this annoying mess:

1. Zest soap
2. Detergent bar
3. Chlorine
4. Kalamansi
5. Hairspray
6. muriatic acid (hehe, kidding)

PS: I am pinning my hopes on the kalamansi fruit in successfully wiping out the printer ink off my hands.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yza's developments on the way to her 2nd month

Our little daughter Yza is slowly showing signs of establishing communication through facial gestures and hand movements. From just two types of sounds two weeks ago, Yza was able to produce random, unexpected, out of nowhere and cuddly baby sounds as if she is asking some attention from the people around her.

Her locomotor skills has also improved. She can push her mosquito net and always would attempt to get nearer her mother. Her physical features are starting to change. I am biased in saying that Yza is slowly looking like me. Haha. I can't wait for her 2nd month to came. She is full of wonderful surprises.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Generating CHITS Daily Service Reports

A quick end-user guide on how to generate daily service reports in CHITS.

1. Log as an 'admin' and click the REPORTS under the main menu table.

2. Click CONSULTS REPORT under the MENU::REPORTS box

3. On the main body, click SUMMARY TABLES. You should be able to see Start and end date boxes below.

4. Fill in the start and end date. Click the GENERATE DAILY REPORT BUTTON

5. You should be able to see links. You should be able to see three links labelled as CONSULTS, MATERNAL CARE and CHILD CARE. Click each link to have the report be exported into PDF format.

Note: I am using a test database without any records. :D

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Friday, January 07, 2011

The Feast of the Black Nazarene

It was a tradition that during the first week of January that devout Filipino catholics pay homage to the Black Nazarene at Quaipo Church. The celebration is valuable not just from religious perspective but also from Philippine history's point view as well. For me, it represents one of the main weapons that the Spaniards used to conquer Las Islas Filipinas: inject religion and Christianize the Filipinos. European and some Hispanic (i.e. Mexico) Catholic nations are full of celebration commemorating the milestones of various patron saints.

History says that the Black Nazarene arrived in the Philipines through the galleon trade and was installed by the Augustinians at the Bagumbayan first before transferring it on Intramuros. During the late 18th century, it was transferred to its present location, the Quiapo Church in Manila. The dark image of the Black Nazarene was attributed to the fire that occurred in the ship carrying it.

Legions of devout Filipino Catholics, perhaps numbering in millions, troop to Quaipo during the celebration. Barefooted men and women can be seen from all street corners some even carrying wooden crosses to depict the sufferings of Christ. All devotees converge at the Quiapo church to do the ceremonial procession of the Black Nazarene. The statue is being carried on shoulders by a group of men (and maybe some women). What is amazing is how people compete (similar to boxing out it basketball) and push each other just to touch the Black Nazarene while some are wiping it with towels. It was believed that by touching the statue, one can be healed from diseases and in some, have more blessing from up above. Casualties are unavoidable despite the presence of the police and EMT.

Truly, the feast of the Black Nazarene show how deeply Catholic dogma is embedded into Filipino psyche. The outward showing of religiosity, on the other hand, will not increase one's chances of going to heaven though. Nor it will make one a sudden millionaire. In my honest opinion, faith (even as small as mustard seed: Matthew 17:20) and hardwork is the key!

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Monday, January 03, 2011

Alisha is one month old

How time runs fast. It was just a month ago when we are hoping for a safe caesarian operation of my wife that eventually turned out to be one. Enjoying the presence of a newborn baby, the innocence and gentleness of our little kid is truly heartwarming. Just a month ago, Alisha would simply spend the whole doing four things: eat, sleep, cry and pee/pooh. From an unpredictable sleeping pattern, she became totally and soundly asleep from 5PM to 4AM, plays from 4AM to 7AM, eats and cries almost throughout the morning and sleeps again around lunch time.

But sometimes, adjustments from our part as parent are challenging and somehow grueling. Any first-time parent will surely have to go through this process unless there is an additional help from relatives or nanny. If our little kid can adjust to the changes, so should we. The fulfillment of child rearing outweighs the challenges.

After a month, Alisha can now turn her head sideways and on both sides, smile out of nowhere, making other sounds aside from crying, turn her body sideways, lie on her tummy and make longer eye contact. Our little girl is really growing at a pace more than I expected. Though people cannot stay as little babies forever, the memories of being a baby are worth keeping. I wish our Alisha stays as a little, gentle and innocent baby but it won't happened. Change is good nonetheless.