The Hound of the Wolf

For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Thursday, September 30, 2010

GSP's visit in Manila

I was fortunate enough to witness the live Georges St-Pierre public training at SM Mall of Asia last September 25, 2010. To cut the story short, I am blessed to get into the ring at least 3 meters away. Here is the summarized sequence of events:

2PM: Boom Gonzales opened up the show with a Q and A contest

3PM: A fashion show followed. Models wearing UFC apparels.

3:30PM: GSP arrives on the left flank of the stage. DJ Pia entertains the crowd with some sounds.

4PM: GSP is now onstage being welcomed by Boom and her female co-host (forgot the name). GSP greeted the fans "kamusta pow kayow?!".

4:15PM: Winners of Ballz contest were called and given the privilege to ask 1 question to GSP. After the session, GSP left to changed training outfit.

4:45PM: GSP came out wearing a boxing gloves and training shorts. He is about to demonstrate a public training on Muay Thai. 3 Rounds with 3 Minutes. Awesome leg kicks and methodical punches. The Muay Thai sparring mate was "taken down" out of the fans' requests.

5:00PM: GSP demonstrated some of his jiu-jitsu skills by doing a so called "Sambo Leg Lock" to another training partner. I saw how smoothly GSP operates on the ground. Large and chiselled body yet so flexible doing the escapes and ground maneuvers. Koscheck's ass will surely be kicked and flattened.

IT ended with GSP thanking the fans and wishing for everyone's support for MMA.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition 2010

Numerous websites are producing spoilers about the ultimate survivor for this year's Survivor Celebrity Edition. Moi, Piolo Pascual's personal assistant, will be declared as the winner. Good choice if the verdict of the spoilers is true. From the way things are going on the 3rd week, it seems Moi is on the underdog side even with an immunity in place. 3 vs 2. Spoilers are out to destroy the excitement and "sense of guessing" of the show.

Now that I have posted this item on my blog, let me see if I will be getting much traffic for searching the term: "survivor philippines celebrity edition 2010".

Btw, this is my personal bet: Elma Muros