The Hound of the Wolf

For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tsip Chao is a real cheappie

An article written by HK columnist Tsip Chao has resulted to a public outrage of many Filipinos across the globe. The manner that Tsip Chao asserts that Filipino slaves should not flex their muscles to its Chinese masters is a real big BULLSHIT. The issue of sovereign over the Spratly's Island should not result in race bashing. Spare the hardworking Filipinos in Hongkong to all of this commotions. 

Tsip Chao may be a "nationalistic" veteran broadcaster but his satire is neither patriotic in nature nor funny. It's a clear insult. All races have imperfections including the Chinese. Don't wait for some other Pinoy broadcasters to do the same bashing because probably, they never will. It's all about respect.

There is a cross-cultural relationship between Pinoys and Chinese. Early Chinese migrants built business and ventures in the Philippines. Pinoys, on the other hand, are important component of China's workforce especially in Hong Kong and Macau. People like Tsip Chao cannot break this century-old friendship and working relationship. If I am his maid, I will resigned under his employment. My nationalistic pride outweighs the value of his HK$3,600 monthly salary.

Philippines is not perfect and it will never be. But this is my country and this is one of the few things that I can really call as my own. Thanks for the bashing for it just strengthens my love for the Philippines. 

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally, an interview with Gina Carano

After weeks of monitoring the latest news about Gina Carano, was able to do an interview with her during the Fight Expo last week. Since the Strikeforce's acquisition of EliteXC's prized fighters, I have been waiting for the Carano versus Cyborg match this April 11. Too bad or perhaps good as well, Gina has to go through some detoxification or in my own understanding, refocusing on her goals while re-energizing mind and spirit. Even tough fighters need time to think and rest. Nonetheless, Gina won't be missed for that long since she mentioned that next on her big plans is definitely having a fight. Gina Carano is not just a unique special MMA fighter but a special person as well.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Entrecard Application

I just applied for an Entrecard. To all those who are not familiar with it, Entrecard is a free blogging network that intends to increase the traffic of qualified blogs. The application has to go through approval but i am pretty that this blog will get approved. Waiting mode for the meantime ...

In as much as i wanted to post the sleek logo of Entrecard here, i am not yet an approved member. Thanks for for the entrecard info.

I love lotto!

It was around 1995 when I almost did a successful attempt to play lotto. But too bad, I was 13 years old way back. The lady in the counter foiled my attempt. Way back, it was only 6/42. Now it has evolved into many varieties like 6/45, 6/49, tres pares, swertes and others.

I am not a lotto addict. Yet, i love the thrill one feels every time the winning numbers are being announced. In the 2 years that lotto has been running, the most number of digits I successfully guessed is only 2. I even dreamed of winning a 42 million jackpot in the contest.

Lotto or gambling in general is not bad if taken in moderation. Anything in excess is already a sin. Even has a separate thread for gambling. :D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Parable of the Pipeline

This video shows the difference between working for money and using a leverage to earn money. Simple yet realistic presentation. Bruno symbolizes most of the people who are engaged in some form of employment. The amount of working time is directly proportional with the amount of income. On the other hand, Pablo is more of an investor or business person who doesn't have to exchange time with income. Of course, there have been a tremendous effort at the start to build the leverage (pipeline).

What I learned from this video is that it pays to work hard but it is better to work smart. By letting other tools to do the work for you (leverage), there is no need to work for the rest of your life. Members of the forum are exchanging various ideas on how to get out of the rat race.

Preparing for an SEO experience

SEO or search enging optimization is a method of making a particular website highly promoted among various search engine's like and It involves tweaking some techniques like using appropriate keywords, indexing, posting in high traffic site and increasing back links. When one search the word 'click here', it is surprising to see that the download page of Adobe Acrobat reader is among the first 10 search results. When do ego-googling (search alison perez), this blog appears as the 4th search result.

In an effort to learn this emerging venture, I decided to put up to play around SEO techniques. There are lots of resource in the bookstore and on the net that teaches about SEO. It also pays to ask some people in who have been doing SEO for quite sometime.

It's time to go back to the drawing boards. Btw, try googling the word 'apple' and tell me what's the first search result. It's definitely obvious what it is.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Making Broadcom WLAN worked in Ubuntu

My two and a half-year old laptop is partitioned into two operating system: Window$ XP and Ubuntu 8.04. Majority of the programming and development work will be done the Ubuntu partition while Windows is for multimedia (flash, audio ripping) and image manipulation (paintshop pro). It was only today that I was able to make the Broadcom B43 WLAN worked under Ubuntu. Thanks to Ubuntu's warning messages. It led me to linuxwireless.Org

A simple issuance of apt-get install b43-fwcutter plus the use of wifi-radar app did the magic. Good bye Windows XP.

I should post this breakthrough to technology area. But I wonder how many of the PMT members are using Ubuntu?

Monday, March 09, 2009

Ang Magtataho at Taho

Parte na ng kulturang pinoy ang magtataho. Sino bang bata ang hindi lumaki na nakarinig ng mamang sumisigaw ng "taho!!!" bawat umaga. Depressed areas or subdivision ng mga elitista, malamang ay nalibot na ng mamang magtataho. Dumating iyong panahon na halos ang kinanakain namin ay taho tuwing almusal dahil walang nagluluto sa umaga. Sa lakas ba namang sumigaw ng magtataho sa amin, hindi maaring ma-miss ang kanyang paninda. Physically fit at may operatic voice ang mga magtataho for sure!

Bakit ko biglang naisipang mag-blog dahil sa magtataho? Sinira ng magtataho ang tulog ko kaninang umaga. Napaaga tuloy ako ng gising. Tsk, tsk. Ang taho ay gawa sa pinaghalong pinakuluang soybean at matamis na syrup. Naalala ko, may gumagawa nga pala ng flavored taho business. Mukhang wala pang nakakapag-discuss nito sa PMT.

images were borrowed from:

2. somewhere in blogspot

Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Legacy of Legacy

PDIC has recently announced the initial liquidation of funds to the depositors of the bankrupted Legacy Group rural bank. Lots of speculations as to whether PDIC can sustain the release of funds amounting to billions of pesos. The amount is greater than the Fertilizer scam that involves former DA undersecretary Jocjoc Bolante. Add the fact that the trails of the real culprit of Legacy's failure have been carefully tainted, the curtain for a bigger showdown between the depositors and Celso Delos Angeles and his cohorts. Even some former managers of Legacy are going up against Mr. Delos Angeles.

It is definitely a frustrating experience from the part of the depositors. Depositor who have just enough have trusted Legacy to take care and nourish there savings. Financial "honchos" who are blessed with plenty of resources still voraciously wanted more and preyed on the unsuspecting depositors. Let's wait and see as the drama unfolds.

Being a rural bank depositor myself, there will always be a fear that the bank will shutdown without any prior notification. I am blessed of having a stable rural bank but i think the key to bank investing is diversification.

Thanks to for providing substantial information on Legacy groups.

The Start-Up Entrepreneur: A Book Review

March 9, 2 AM. After two and a half months of reading, I finally made it to the last chapter of The Start-Up Entrepreneur book. James R. Cook, the author of the book, provides out-of-experience insights for aspiring entrepreneurs in starting, managing, diversifying up to selling business ventures. Being a serial entrepreneur himself, Cook shares his experiences while relating the events to the principles of many American entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Napoleon Hill and Thomas Watson.

The book set 5 major goals for its readers:

1. how to start becoming an entrepreneur
2. how to keep the entrepreneur going once the venture has set in
3. how to run a business
4. how to understand the taxation and implications of entrepreneurship to economy
5. entertain, enthrall and amused the reader.

The book discusses the early struggles of Cook as well as of the entrepreneurial heroes mentioned above. He equates entrepreneurial success to the level of struggle that one has to experienced and overcome. No true entrepreneur have experienced smooth-sailing business at some point of their venture's life span.

The book does not teach its readers a step-by-step and definite procedures on how to hit it big in business but rather shows a realistic business approach. Each chapter has a particular storyline with the author slowly integrating the lessons along the way. It also enforces that entrepreneurs are not just visionaries but should be excellent managers as well.

While is my personal source of business ideas, this book together with "rich dad, poor dad" has become a source of inspiration and motivation.

I got 33 cents in google adsense

Yipee ! 33 cents for two months. Well, this is still in line with my plan of having a passive income. It seems that there is an increased traffic during February 2009 but not enough to hit it big time in adsense. In an attempt to increase adsense earnings, there are different ways listed in on how to improve adsense earning. I hate change my template but I think that interface is not adsense friendly at all.

time to do some blog revisions by next week ...

Colayco's Wealth Within Your Reach book

We were at the National Bookstore yesterday and I got the chance to read Francisco Colayco's Wealth within your Reach book. Due to self-imposed budget tightening rule, I decided to just kill the time by reading a few chapters. One of the chapters talks about a couple who are earning big buck in the 1980's. Lavish lifestyle, unexpected circumstances (i.e. husband was downsized from work) and uncontrollable debts, their financial status have suffered and fallen. The chapter shows one important lesson, live within your means.

Colayco also did mentioned at Inflation as the silent saving killer. An example is 20 years ago, one can buy a whole dressed chicken for a certain amount. the same amount 5 years later, can just buy half of the same dressed chicken. 10 year later, it will just be the drumstick and 20 year after, just the chicken innards (i.e. isaw, dugo, helmet). Therefore, the book is suggesting that savings should be diverted to investment tools that can beat the inflation rate.

As mentioned in, Colayco will conduct free seminars for the month of March.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

cashflow board game will going to conduct another cashflow board game on march 21. stay tune!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Good bye, Francis M.

The premier master rapper of the Philippine music scene has joined the Almighty Creator today, March 6. Francis Magalona (Kiko, the Man from Manila) started a rap genre, a genre that is very famous in the US. Yet,FrancisM was able to infused the craft with nationalistic and patriotic messages. His song, Mga Kababayan Ko, has taken the country by storm. I still do memorized this song. My favorite song (and my all-time fave OPM) among his creation is Kaleidoscope World.

Francis M has a multitude of talents. He is a director, photographer and an entrepreneur. He might be also reading :D

Truly, Francis M is a national treasure and an icon for his generation. Thank you Kiko for not just inspiring people with your craft but also instilling the Filipino pride in all of your works.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Thirty days before liberation

It was March of 1999 when Mrs San Miguel, our highschool coordinator, approached me to show a page in inquirer bearing my name as one of the "lucky" passers of DOST RA 7687 scholarship program. Two of us in the school made it. Without thinking twice, I signed the contract. I am not concerned about the lack of research and development (RND) personnel in the Philippines, the main rationale of the government's S&T scholarship program. The thought of having an absolutely free college tuition and a regular monthly stipend overshadows any form of doubt. Snippets of events of being a DOST scholarship recipient:

1. All passers will gather in the DOST Bicutan office together with a parent or legal guardian. Judgment day. Passers will be given a choice to sign the contract or not. Obviously, I signed the dreaded pact.

2. If the scholar decided to avail the offer, he will need to repay it via service contract. The number of years of service is similar equal to the number of years.

3. Incoming freshman scholars will have a two-month summer orientation and enrichment program (SOEP) before the start of classes. We did our SOEP in UP Diliman on the summer of 1999. I was placed under the Bartlett section. Not Josh Bartnet of MMA but former UP Pres. Bartlett. Prof. Augie Hermosilla was our faculty in algebra. I can still recall that Saturday morning class when Prof. Hermosilla is dripping wet. It is as if he took a bath in one of the showers in Math building.

4. In my whole stay in college, I only got a single 5.0. A red flag for DOST scholars. A good recipe for suspension. Fortunately, I was able to make a concoction: a reasonable appeal. The rest is history. Scholarship completed in four years, college degree completed in 5 years.

5. Day 1 for the service contract was April 1, 2005 although I am already working before this. For the three international flights (KL, SG, Penang) I did during the duration of service contract, I have to ask for temporary lifting of my name in the Bureau of Immigration's black list. My status is no different to hardened criminals and suspected/confirmed terrorists who have been in that very same list.

6. On April 1 2009, I will be cleared from the said list. I can't imagine the feeling of being freed from the contract. Thank you DOST for enforcing the virtues and values of being a Filipino in my already nationalistic system.

In a nutshell, the contract will still be "in effect" since I do not have any intentions to leave Philippine for employment opportunities abroad. I wouldn't be joining to the "go abroad and seek greener pasture" bandwagon. Sorry multinationals. But don't worry guys, my team will be forming something similar to what you're doing soon.

Here are the things I intend to do after the liberation:

1. Be an active member of, offline and online.

2. Sell my mabuhay miles points. Infuse the earnings to ventures that are gaining passive income.

3. Train, train and train not just to have a six-pack abs but also to embrace better sense of discipline and focus. I hope be a disciple of Yaw Yan in the future.

4. Ignite Trim Tab Tech's business engine. It's time to put theories in actual practice.

5. As a former "ex-convict" having served a total of 8 years in contract by then, I need to guide a new convict in the person of Austin. It'll probably be 10 years for him though.

6. I need to graduate from UP Open University this year. I need to rub off this commitment soon. Until I finished my MIS degree, I consider myself as a failure.


This post in PMT is really an eye-opener. This saddens me but it's very true. An essential reminder to every Pinoy out there.