The Hound of the Wolf

For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It is around 5:03 PM in my PC's clock when I started writing this blog entry. Another day in office shall going to pass. In as much as I wanted to extend the day, I cannot. There is this new ruling on all goverment office to vacate after oficial office hours to conserve energy. It seems a promising idea and idealistic ambition to save government's money. There was even a group made to make a random visit to offices to ensure that the policy was well-observed. If I heard it right from the radio, they are ENER COPS. Are they related to the Bioman, Mask Man or Power rangers?

Anyway, who would I want to extend office hours while many would are leaving offices as early as they can. Here are my reason:
  1. I'd rather be challenged mentally first by doing my usual programming tasks than be challenged physically in LRT commotions.
  2. The aircon every late afternoon is more relaxing and cozy than the earlier part of the day. Btw, this is not a fact but just a subjective observation.
  3. The internet connection improves dramatically because most users in school have already left.
  4. I love the feeling of being alone and hoping that a supernatural creature will help me in my task.
  5. I value solemnity too much.
Thanks to the policy, I cannot have these simple luxuries anymore. Anyway, there will always be a tomorrow (except for Fridays and Saturdays).