The Hound of the Wolf

For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baguio Escapade 2009 (Day 1)

It was one hot Holy Wednesday morning when I made an impromptu decision to escape the Manila Heat. The timing is right since I will be meeting later in Trinoma a potential business partner who is based in Baguio. Even though many Manila-based folks have left for provinces, I still got three agendas before the long weekend: 1. Proceed to First Country Bank by 11 AM, 2. Meet Baguio business partner by 2 AM and 3. Hopefully, meet Karen after her shift. All except the last one happened.

After having a meeting in Trinoma, I went to Dagupan Bus Liner and luckily, was able to reserve for seats on a 1AM trip. Austin, my brother who just had graduated from high school, will also be going with me to Baguio. Fast forward ....

1 AM, Dagupan Bus Liner in Cubao

We were quite early on the anticipation that there will be a massive crowd on the terminal. No massive crowd, just a big crowd. So big that the bus where we are supposed to ride just settle to park at the back of the terminal building while waiting for passengers. Result: we almost missed the trip.

8AM, Baguio Bus Terminal

After a semi-peaceful trip, we reached the Baguio bus terminal around 8AM. The destination is Queen of Peace Road, where our host, Auntie Celing, lives. It has been a while since we last saw our Baguio relatives. I was three years old when we first visited Baguio. A and A took a quick nap before we start hovering around the city. Our guide is Manong Arty, our second cousin who is also a barangay kagawad in their area.

11 AM, Trek to the City

First on our itinerary for the day is the Burnham Park. The park is quite crowded since it is an official holiday. We can easily identify the people who came from Manila. They are overly fashionable. Baguio locals are simple dressers. Next on the itinerary are Mines View Park, St Joseph Church, Wright Park, The Mansion (where GMA is on vacation during that time) and Kamay Kainan At the Burnham Park

At the Wright Park

The day ended with a sumptuous dinner at Don Henrico's in SM Baguio. To be continued ...