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For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A day in Dumalag, Capiz

The Suhot spring is situated in the municipality of Dumalag, Capiz. The initial plan is to restore Dumalag RHU's CHITS server but the real hidden agenda is to buy paborita and ugoy-ugoy biscuits and visit the Suhot spring and cave. The day started when our group did a courtesy call to Mayor Lila "Nene" Castro. Doing my official work is a no sweat only that there are lots of patients inside the health center. To make the long wait short, i did a short visit to St Martin of Tours church. The church was constructed way back the Spanish ear only that the interior part is quite modern due to many reconstruction.

In front of the church is the Cakelovers, a bakeshop that sells local biscuits. I bought two boxes of ugoy-ugoy and take some picture of paborita. I would describe the biscuits as crunchy and deliciously powedered with milk and sugar.

One hour later, the official work had begun. Done in 15 minutes. Took a quick lunch of laing made of cassava leaves, bamboo shoots with crabs and steamed rice wrapped in banana leaves. Did a short rest and left for the Suhot spring and cave. 15 minutes passed, we arrived at the venue. Pictures of Suhot in an exhibit look better than the actual view. Mataas ang araw at medyo brownish ang kulay ng spring. Pero may malalakas ang loob na nililigo.

The cave isn't as scary as the one i saw in pictures in the exhibit. Good thing, there are stalactites in the cave. Suhot spring might not be at par with the Los Banos springs but it is worth visiting. Any place which stimulates relaxation and comfort is worth visiting. There is a higher ground in Suhot that would allow the spectator to see Dumalag from atop. I didn't try it because the route looks slippery.

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