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For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Friday, January 30, 2009

My First Kape + Teknolohiya Attendance

I've been a seldom lurker at the website for the past four months looking for some hot, interesting seminar topics. They had a big-bang December technopreneurship activity which I failed to attend.

I attribute it for having more control of my time nowadays and for having an immediate need for a data visualization tool, i pre-registered for AyalaTBI's next activity. Ayala Foundation organized another Kape + Teknolohiya session entitled "Visualizing Data: Making Sense of an Information-Rich World". The session was facilitated by Prof Diego Maranan of the UP Open University.

Great venue (the shiny and sleek, Technology Portal), friendly and accommodating Ayala TBI staff, friendly and reasonable price and good food (combination of pancit with different pastries, free flowing coffee and iced tea). Although we started 30 minutes late.

I was hoping that Prof Maranan will provide thorough discussion on the tools in translating statistical data into some visual representations. My technical side has gotten into me without realizing that many of the participant aren't technical people in the first place. Ok, I am contented with the some examples that were demonstrated.

1. - a graphical network on global warning

2. Dumpster - according its homepage, this is "a portrait of romantic breakups collected from blogs in 2005"

3. Zipdecode - a US map that interactively locates places once a valid zip code was entered.

Until this time, I wasn't able to find appropriate visualization tools to project CHITS data. Nonetheless, I might consider focusing on data visualization for my upcoming thesis work.

Acknowledgment: Slides were taken from Prof. Maranan's presentation.