The Hound of the Wolf

For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Biyente Siyete

Twenty seven random thoughts on the undersigned's 27th birthday

1. the power of compounding the greatest invention ever -- albert einstein
2. passive income, multiple income streams
3. reduce bmi to 20. reduce weight by 40 lbs. increase muscle weight by 20%
4. the best medicine to a racking anxiety is work and play
5. FOREX seminar on February 5
6. beat X Refs and PAris 18ers team in NBA Fantasy game
7. congratulations to Austin for passing UPCAT 2009. Up, above in heaven, proud sa iyo ang tatay natin.
8. compre on may, thesis on june, graduation on october. wishful thinking...
9. CHITS expansion to 7 LGU's
10. missing eyeglasses.. need to get a new one
11. study Symfony + Dojo AJAX toolkit
12. contact KRU Robert of Philippine Muay Thai Association
13. business registration galore
14. exchange deal for CMS of Probusiness and Skyworld
15. Gina Carano
16. finish the book "Startup Entrepreneur by James Cook" next week
17. call Mabuhay Miles office and inquire on point drop off for Shanghai in June
18. report to Dr. Valbuena ASAP
19. 3 more years to go to finish the 1-million peso quest
20. be a regular reactor to Pam's blog
21. emphasize and practice Philippinism in all endeavors. Proud to be pinoy!

22. plan and execute for another PHP programming stint in National Computer Center this March
23. dream big, live fast, work hard, play smart
24. Gina Carano
25. attend PMT's regular Cashflow board game competitions
26. commit to 200+ plus blog postings this year
27. be a savvy, serial technopreneur in the near future... mark this word