The Hound of the Wolf

For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Monday, July 04, 2011

Of opportunities, distractions and taking in charge

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you need to choose between two good things that disregarding the other one would cause deep regrets? Or perhaps the other way around wherein you have to choose the lesser evil between two bad options and hope that you won't get burn too much with the choice?

Situations and circumstances are sometimes tricky. Life in general is unpredictable. Challenges, treats and downfalls are camouflaged opportunities. Sometimes, not all opportunities are good because it might just be a hidden distraction. Experience would play a vital role for one to develop keen senses to determine what is opportunity and what is not. I myself has learned a lot in this area and still learning!

The importance of knowing what you want then achieving these dreams cannot be undermined. It doesn't matter if you would go to the path where nobody is passing or go to the path that everybody loves. It's all the same, if you are not in charge of yourself, the society will forever dictate of what you will gonna be and who you will gonna be. Take charge, you are the master of your soul and the captain of the ship. Do not let others stops you from achieving greater heights.

PS: I am writing this out of boredom in the bus but i am not joking. Hope this would inspire any reader especially those who are downed, outcast, depressed and hopeless.