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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gangnam style hits 200M

I first heard Gangnam Style song at One FC: Pride of the Nation event in Araneta Coliseum last August 31 2012. The Korean MMA fighter nicknamed as the Stonecutter with one of his ring man and the One FC ring girls dance at the enjoyment of the crowd. When I googled it, I learned the Gangnam is a high class district in South Korea with the singer Psy appears to have a girlfriend living in it. More like a Korean version of the song 'Uptown Girl' I think.

Well, the craze just got larger as it reaches the 200M mark in terms of Youtube views. And to add, numerous versions have been appeared from various countries and nationalities. Even US presidential candidate Mitt Romney was spoofed dancing Gangnam style.

The famous 200M man (i mean video) Gangnam Style:

A sexier version which is my personal favorite: 

and a hilarious Pinoy version of Eric Tai of the Philippine Volcanoes with cameos from various Philippine celebrities