The Hound of the Wolf

For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rally everywhere

While, reading my newly acquired book "The Alchemist" last night, I heard from a news in DZMM that not only one but more rallies are to be staged starting that evening. A group of farmer, laborers and countryside individuals gathered at SLEX and Las Pinas to marched towards Baclaran to Manila. Another similar group is expected to arrived from the North. North, south, east,west .... what implications these rallies are going to make? We have actually seen one last October 14 when crowd dispersal policemen fired watercannons to the ralliests composed of cleregymen, senator, ex-VP and the usual protesters ("masa" is a popular connotation for this).

News program every Friday nights will be beefed up with stories pertaining to the day's event particularly rallies. The same group I mentioned earlier are going to challenged the GMA's CPR and the temper of the policemen as they are planning to march to Mendiola again. The society's scenario is very similar to movies yet the hazards are real and the effect will not be shown on the audience patronage but on the country's political and economic behavior.

What does a typical Juan dela Cruz like me think of these events??

1. Freedom should allow us to do what is right and condemn what is wrong.
2. There are many sides of a story. It is okay to be cynical on different sides but make sure that to be open-minded.

and finally ....

3. War is a great equalizer. According to a political theory I read, disorganized and quarelling societies (just like ours) can be fixed by a dratic measure in a fair battleground like war. Only then that the society will realized that the nation is so much battled-scarred and there is a need for greater cooperation.

Tomorrow will be another Friday. I must tune in to the news.