The Hound of the Wolf

For the strength of Pack is in the Wolf, and the strength of Wolf is in the Pack -Rudyard Kipling

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Shaping up and shifting out

I am presently at a state of chaos as I write this blog entry. This past two to three weeks have been tumultuous that my usually stable and unaffected mind state starts to rattle. Situations that are as "chaotic" like these are not new anymore. Yet, what I consider special (or should I say "nerve wracking") on this one is that I never got much of the control to alter the events that have occured. I simply felt powerless.

I was contemplating on the events while staring on the wall over the weekend. Questions such as "Do I really deserve all this kind of non-self inflicted punishments?" and "What else can I do to make things better" were raised. After a thorough self examination, I have come up with the following thoughts:

1. Never blame anyone except yourself. While it is often evident that one's misfortunes are caused by other people's negligence, stop blaming and start moving forward.
2. Kindness and subtleness are prohibited in a harsh, threatening and inconsiderate environment. Yet, stay nice and pleasant with people.
3. It is hard to be fed up because one will never know when he will explode.
4. Two options can be selected if one is experiencing difficult situation like mine: Shape up or shift out.

Let me discuss these separately:
Shape up - It has been my philosophy since not too long ago to go out and give 101% percent in every task. I believe that one is actually given a task to prove his worth and value. By not fulfilling what is expected from him, people will tend to look for others to do the job. What follows is that one's credibility and worth decreases. Perfection can never be achieved but one can always be the best of what he can be. The good thing is that the number of times one gets up is more essential than the number times that he falls.

Shift out - If one is giving his 101% percent most of the time, yet is still a victim of injustice and unfair negotiations, shifting out is a better recourse. Many extreme optimists will tell you that, "Hey, why give up now. Can't you do something about it??". I actually asked that question to myself countless times. But soon I need wake up and live with reality. Shifting out is not an escape but rather putting one's self where it really and must belong.

The conclusion: Consistently shape up. If things do not go according to your ways, weigh the situation. Maybe it is time to change gears and shift out.

And the thought for day: "Kung gusto maraming may paraan, kung ayaw maraming dahilan."